Continuing partnership with GEMS National Al Barsha School in Dubai

This week Dina continued her partnership with GEMS National Al Barsha School in Dubai focused on More

‘Saya merasa kehilangan’:
Apakah hilangnya bahasa ibu di Indonesia masih bisa dicegah?

Gambar di atas: Bersama para wisudawan di Universitas Udayana Translated by: Ince Dian Aprilyani Azir Tanggal More

‘I feel a loss in myself’:
Can the loss of mother tongues in Indonesia be prevented?

Image above: With the graduates at University of Udayana On February 21st we mark the UN More

Dina’s public lecture at University of Udayana, Bali

Dina’s was invited to give a public lecture at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, More

Opening of the first English Cafe in Indonesia

Dina was delighted to be the guest of honour with her husband Martin for the opening More

Dina’s public lecture in Garut, West Java

Image above: Dina with the rector Dr Nizar Alam Hamdani and his team Dina’s public lecture More

Jakarta International Conference for Creative Industries

Dina was invited by Politeknik Negeri Media Kreatif Indonesia to contribute as a keynote speaker to More

HLD partnership with Indonesia

Dina has been invited by the Ministry of Education of Indonesia to spend two weeks in More

A week at GEMS Al Khaleej International School

Image above: Inset session On the invite of AKIS leadership team Dina has spent this week More

Central Dubai sunset

Insight into struggles of Arabic as the mother tongue in Dubai

Image above: Central Dubai sunset In December 2020 my husband and me found ourselves in Dubai More

Continuation of partnership with GEMS Al Khaleej International School, Dubai

Image above: With AKIS middle leaders This week Dina is continuing her partnership with AKIS. She More

A Visit to Kensington Wade:
A Unique Bilingual English-Chinese School in London

Another important connection made through  Bilingual Education Alliance resulted in a golden opportunity for the MA More

Meeting with the uTalk team 

Image above: With the uTalk team on the roof top of their Fulham offices A possibility More

‘Now or never!’:
Insights into bilingual parenthood

After my presentation on the cognitive benefits of bilingualism and Healthy Linguistic Diet approach at VIII More

Bilingual Education Alliance
Maria Gavrilova, Headteacher of Azbuka Russian-English International School

The MA TESOL pre-service students at University College London on Dina’s module: ‘Working with bi/multilingual learners More

Nastavak saradnje sa Danskom, 2022

Slika iznad: Dina sa Njegovom Ekselencijom Emir Poljo, BiH ambasador u Kopenhagenu, i Ministrom za obrazovanje, More

Continuation of the partnership with Denmark, 2022

Image above: Dina with His Excellency Emir Poljo, Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Copenhagen, and More

Partnership with St. Julian’s school, Portugal

Image above: Dina with Maria Lurdes Faria e Silva, Head of St. Julian’s Portuguese-English section No More

Partnership with St. Julian’s School, Lisabon, Portugal

Dina was invited to spend a week in September, 2022 in St. Julian’s School, which is More

European Day of Languages (26/9/2022)

  For those wishing to celebrate the European Day of Languages in London, we would like to bring More

Dina’s Dubai Partnership: Key developments

Image top: Dina Mehmedbegovic-Smith and Ghadeer Abu Shamat Dina is delighted to announce that her engagement More

International Mother Tongue Day 2022

‘I speak Yoruba at home, but until recently I thought that ‘bilingual’ applies only to those More

Partnership with University of Zadar, Croatia: Doctoral programme in pedagogy

Dina has been working with the University of Zadar on the above programme since its launch More

UN Internacionalni Dan Maternjeg Jezika i 5. rodjendan portala Zdrava Jezicka Dijeta

U nedjelju, 21.2. obiljezavamo UN Internacionalni Dan Maternjeg Jezika i portal Zdrave Jezicke Dijete (Healthy Linguistic More

Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Image top: BiH Schools in diaspora Round Table, Sarajevo 2019 On the great satisfaction of the More

Healthy Linguistic Diet: Regional Strategy in Italy

Dina is delighted to share news about a new step in her partnership with colleagues in More

Census 2021: The Language question

We are honoured to be consulted by Baroness Coussins on the ‘language question’ in preparation for More

Popis stanovnistva 2021: Pitanje jezika

Cast mi je da me je Baronesa Coussines konsultirala po ‘pitanju jezika’ u toku priprema za More

Smotra BiH dopunskih skola u Danskoj

Dina je bila pozvana u Kopenhagen, Danska da ucestvuje u prvom susretu BiH dopunskih skola. Tom More

Session for bilingual parents and teachers in Vienna

Dina was invited by the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina(BiH) in Austria to deliver a session More

Australia Visit III

Dina is continuing her engagement with mother/father tongue schools – next week in Sydney and Adelaide. More

Australia Visit II

On Tuesday, 27.8. Dina will be doing a session for teachers and parents hosted by the More

Australia visit I

Next week Dina will be doing several sessions in Australia, first one at: Multilingualism Research Centre at More

Bosnian Mother Tongue School South Ockendon, 1997/98.

Dan maternjeg jezika, 21. Februar

Roditeljske borbe da odrze svoj jezik kod kuce: Kako mogu ucitelji i skole pomoci? Naslovna fotografija: More

Bosnian Mother Tongue School South Ockendon, 1997/98.

Mother Tongue Day, 21st Feb

Parental struggles to maintain their language at home: How can teachers and schools help? Main picture: More

UN Day of Migrants: ‘Miss, who needs languages of immigrants?’

18th December is the UN Day of Migrants. On this day in 1990 UN signed the More

London se sjeca

Ove cijele sedmice London se sjeca svih onih koji su izgubili zivote u prvom svjetskom ratu. More

London Remembers

This whole week London remembers all those who lost their lives in WWI, with the main More

‘Where do you come from?’: UN World Refugee Day

Wednesday, 20th of June, is the United Nations’ (UN) World Refugee Day, which was established in More

Gubitak i njegovanje jezika u porodicama migranata

Blog za UN-ov Međunarodni dan migranata, 18. decembra ‘Nemoj govoriti na našem jeziku kad dođeš po More

Language loss and maintenance

‘Don’t speak to me in our language, when you pick me up from school’: Language loss More

Healthy Linguistic Diet: A case study of how it can be implemented in a school

Writing this blog on Eurostar on my way back from two events in Brussels organised by More

Why speaking more than one language can boost economic growth

Very exciting to see our Healthy Linguistic Diet vision cited in a World Economic Forum publication: More

House of Lords presentation: Cognitive benefits of bilingualism

In this session we focused on repositioning language learning and language use as a new key More

Language Loss and Maintenance in Migrant Families

‘Don’t speak to me in our language, when you pick me up from school’: Language loss More