HLD partnership with Indonesia

Dina has been invited by the Ministry of Education of Indonesia to spend two weeks in Indonesia giving keynotes at two international conferences, delivering two public lectures, visiting nine universities and giving guest lectures in each.

Academics and students of Jakarta State University prepared a very warm welcome. Dina’s lecture was attended by 230 students and lecturers. Students demonstrated engagement in the discussion and a lot of interest from academics and students in Healthy Linguistic Diet – Diet Linguistik Yang Sehat, in Indonesian: Bahasa Indonesia.

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‘Saya merasa kehilangan’:
Apakah hilangnya bahasa ibu di Indonesia masih bisa dicegah?

Gambar di atas: Bersama para wisudawan di Universitas Udayana Translated by: Ince Dian Aprilyani Azir Tanggal More


‘Titiang Kaicalang Kasujatian Ragan Tiang Pedidi’:
Prasidakeh kereredan basa ibu ring Indonesia ketambakin?

Gambar ring baduur: Sareng lulusan Universitas Udayana Translated by: Ni Putu Sri Suci Artini Asih and More


‘I feel a loss in myself’:
Can the loss of mother tongues in Indonesia be prevented?

Image above: With the graduates at University of Udayana On February 21st we mark the UN More


When concepts migrate: Complexities of migrating Healthy Linguistic Diet

Image above left: Thomas giving a keynote at the first International Conference on Language Development and Assessment More