Languages and penalties

When I was speaking last June in Entebbe, Uganda, at the Congress of the Society of More

‘Where do you come from?’: UN World Refugee Day

Wednesday, 20th of June, is the United Nations’ (UN) World Refugee Day, which was established in More

The Sima effect

Why different questions produce different answers (not only in bilingualism research) I don’t know how many More

Gubitak i njegovanje jezika u porodicama migranata

Blog za UN-ov Međunarodni dan migranata, 18. decembra ‘Nemoj govoriti na našem jeziku kad dođeš po More

What language should migrants speak to their children? A survey among Polish migrants in the UK

As many as 96% of Polish migrants in the UK agree that it is good to More

Multilingual lives

When I found out by chance, just a few weeks ago, that the date mentioned on More

Census 2021

An opportunity to acknowledge multilingualism As four researchers in Linguistics working in the UK, we have More

“Healthy linguistic diet”: do we need yet another term?

There has been a lot of interest recently in topics such as bilingualism, multilingualism, plurilingualism and More

Why is the 21st of February The International Mother Language Day?

The language revolution (ভাষা আন্দোলন) contributes to the core of বাঙালি (Bengali) identity. It commemorates and More

„Drajwnąć” czy „drajwować” – o języku polskich imigrantów

Język polski jest w szczytowej formie: każdego roku w Wielkiej Brytanii rodzi się 20 tys. dwujęzycznych More