UN International Mother Tongue Day and HLD 5th Birthday!

On Sunday 21st Feb we mark the UN International mother tongue day and Healthy Linguistic Diet More

UN Internacionalni Dan Maternjeg Jezika i 5. rodjendan portala Zdrava Jezicka Dijeta

U nedjelju, 21.2. obiljezavamo UN Internacionalni Dan Maternjeg Jezika i portal Zdrave Jezicke Dijete (Healthy Linguistic More

Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Image top: BiH Schools in diaspora Round Table, Sarajevo 2019 On the great satisfaction of the More

How is a Healthy Linguistic Diet beneficial for our children?

Dina and Thomas have been invited to contribute to Raising Multilinguals initative aimed at parents. Here More

Zdrava Jezicka Dijeta: Regionalna strategija u Italiji

Dina je vrlo sretna da podijeli vijesti o jos jednom koraku u saradnji sa kolegama iz More

Healthy Linguistic Diet: Regional Strategy in Italy

Dina is delighted to share news about a new step in her partnership with colleagues in More

Census 2021: The Language question

We are honoured to be consulted by Baroness Coussins on the ‘language question’ in preparation for More

Popis stanovnistva 2021: Pitanje jezika

Cast mi je da me je Baronesa Coussines konsultirala po ‘pitanju jezika’ u toku priprema za More

Smotra BiH dopunskih skola u Danskoj

Dina je bila pozvana u Kopenhagen, Danska da ucestvuje u prvom susretu BiH dopunskih skola. Tom More

Session for bilingual parents and teachers in Vienna

Dina was invited by the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina(BiH) in Austria to deliver a session More

Australia Visit III

Dina is continuing her engagement with mother/father tongue schools – next week in Sydney and Adelaide. More

Australia Visit II

On Tuesday, 27.8. Dina will be doing a session for teachers and parents hosted by the More

Australia visit I

Next week Dina will be doing several sessions in Australia, first one at: Multilingualism Research Centre at More

Rethinking Language Education in EU

Dina and Thomas have been contributing to the work of the EU Commission: Rethinking Language Education More

Why speaking more than one language can boost economic growth

Very exciting to see our Healthy Linguistic Diet vision cited in a World Economic Forum publication: More

House of Lords presentation: Cognitive benefits of bilingualism

In this session we focused on repositioning language learning and language use as a new key More