European Day of Languages (26/9/2022)


For those wishing to celebrate the European Day of Languages in London, we would like to bring to your attention this event at a stunning London rooftop location for a live discussion with our expert panel of leading academics and practitioners. Thomas and Dina are on the expert panel.

During this lively conversation with Q&A, Rowan Hooper, podcast editor at New Scientist, host of the New Scientist Weekly podcast and author of Superhuman – Life at the Extremes of Mental and Physical Ability, will lead a discussion with a team of experts to reveal the cognitive benefits of bi- and multilingualism, including:

  • How language learning can improve our memory
  • The impact of learning languages through music
  • How language learning can improve overall brain health
  • How our emotions are influenced by language learning 
  • Suggestions for teaching and teachers, policy, advocacy and more

More information and tickets on this link.


We hope to see there many of our colleagues interested in this topic and also those who would like to hear more about Healthy Linguistic Diet from Thomas and Dina in person.

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