Census 2021: The Language question

Photo: Baroness Coussines online contribution Tue, 12.5.2020, screenshot.

Photo: Baroness Coussines online contribution Tue, 12.5.2020, screenshot.

We are honoured to be consulted by Baroness Coussins on the ‘language question’ in preparation for the House of Lords debate on the changes to 2021 census. Thomas and I have campaigned for many years in our public engagment events and our publications that the census question: ‘What is your main language?’ needs to be replaced by ‘What are your main languages?’. A very small change that will open doors for plurilingualism to be officially recognised and recorded in the UK! Today Baroness Coussines put our proposal for this change for a debate at the House of Lords and requested urgent government action to implement this. So exciting to see our scientific work make such a direct impact on a landmark social change! Hopefully!

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